Clarity of vision, consistency in work, and coherency in design


With expertise that spans the full breadth of architecture services, ONPA has the capacity to operate within multiple delivery processesBy approaching each new project with the same philosophy, we deliver a consistent product each time.

Architectural Services

drawing.jpgONPA offers a range of architectural services directly related to projects through design, the creation of working drawings, and contract administration. Contact ONPA to learn more about our professional architectural design services.

Specifically, ONPA provides:

  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Master Planning and Urban Design
  • Building Sciences
  • Architecture Interiors
  • Programming
  • Studies and Research

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

ONPA are among the leading Canadian architectural practices in the use o f Building Information Modelling (BIM). ONPA has been committed to the use of REVIT and a BIM process for our projects.

By implementing Building Information Modelling, all parts of the project delivery process become combined, allowing for greater control and coordination from initial planning to construction completion.

Our team's experience in BIM allows us to deliver the following for our projects.:

  • Accelerated Design Process
  • Detailed 3D renderings on demand
  • Data Richness: a powerful tool for building management - areas, numbers of elements, schedules
  • Tight coordination and clash detection of engineering elements
  • Quick, accurate, coordinated revisions
  • Enhanced visualization and communication
  • Deep analysis: energy modeling, lighting analysis, shadow studies
  • Cost analysis: area and quantity takeoff used for immediate budgeting and scheduling
  • Change management: changes are fully coordinated throughout the evolution of the drawings set


Enhancing Experience Through Design

Clients hire ONPA to design a building, but what they get is a space that enhances experience.

By considering the interaction between sensory, elemental, economic, and environmental factors, ONPA creates designs that have the potential to influence the way people think, feel, and interact within a space.

ONPA sees design as a means of facilitating ideal experiences that ultimately enhance a company’s brand or a community’s culture.

Always looking for new ways to harness the potential of design, ONPA incorporates sustainable designs into its architectural design practices. Contact ONPA to learn more about the potential of design.